We need one inclusive education system.


Tomorrow’s Alberta depends on how we educate our children today.

Our province funds more educational systems and boards than any other province in Canada. These choices are now coming at an increasing cost to all of us. Services are duplicated and inefficient. Communities are becoming fragmented. Funds are diverted, meaning students end up with fewer learning opportunities instead of more.

We need to start a public dialogue about the escalating costs— financial, social, and educational— resulting from our multiple education systems.

Watch our video to learn more about why we need one inclusive education system in Alberta.


It’s about choice.

We thought choice among school systems would improve educational outcomes, but it hasn’t.

It’s about change.

Alberta has changed. We're not the same province we were a century ago, but we've always been an innovative, pioneering province.

It’s about community.

Competing systems lead communities to become divided by culture, faith, language, and other interests, instead of capitalizing on those differences to build stronger communities.

It’s about children and youth.

The more than 700,000 students in Alberta should be the focus of our conversation.

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